Basic Brush Set (v3.0)

Photoshop Basic Brushset


This Basic Brush Set includes 76 different Brushes. There were 3 Aspects i had on my mind when i created the Bruhes: Concept Design, Simulating Real Paint Dynamics, Effectpresets for a faster workflow.

The Set is optimized for Graphic Tablets and should be compatible with all Versions of Photoshop CS2 and above. Without a Tablet with Pressure Sensitivity you will not get the full Effects! The Brush Tips used were made from scanned Strokes with different Pencils, Markers, Charcoal etc.


  • Made with  CS2 (PS 9.0)
  • Basic Pencils, Sketching Brushes
  • Inking Brushes
  • Wet- and Dry Markers for Concept Design/Coloring
  • Effect-Brushes: Foliage, Clouds, Smoke, Grass, Fur, Fibers/Hair and much more
  • Smudge Brushes
  • A wide Range of Brushes for texture
  • Named and Sorted




Download  (Dropbox)

Download (DeviantArt)


The content is free to use commercial and non-commercial.



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