Digital Painting with Photoshop – Painting Plugins

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Wacom Pen Tablet with Pen, Intuos 3 A5I have tested 2 Painting Plugins for Photoshop: Deep Paint 2 & Wacom Pen Tools. Both Plugins work in the same way – The Image you are editing is exported

to an external Painting Application with own Brushes, Settings etc.; you can edit your image then in this application and import it back to photoshop. The Performance
of both Plugins was good. It just takes a few seconds for export and import. The plugins are intergrated as usual in the Filter Menu. The Installation was easy and
without any problems.


Deep Paint 2

Free 2.5D Painting Software that could be used as standalone application but also integrates into Photoshop. It offers a wide variety of Brushes, a clean interface
and seems to be easy to use in the first impression. During the installtion of the software you are asked if you want to install the photoshop plugin addionally.
The Install path for the plugin is chosen automatically but if you have a custom path for your photoshop install you have to point the installer manually to the right
location. Some of the Tools Deep Paint offers could be a nice addition if you work with PS CS2. The software has become freeware a couple of years ago, before this time it was
sold for about 200+ $.


Wacom Pen Tool

This plugin offers 8 different Tools specifically for Tablet users to choose from. Installtion… download, unzip, copy to plugins folder…simple. On the first impression
i would say that i will not use this very often cause it does not offer alot of new stuff.. but its worth a look.

Both Plugins (and many other) could be downloaded for free from this Site
(just scroll down to the Painting & Drawing Category)





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