Gimp: Color Tubeset for Digital Painters

Gimp Color Tubeset


In some things I’ve never grown up… Maybe this is the reason why i like painting so much^^ and of cause smudgíng colors!
So i decided to make some new Brushes for Gimp 2.8 and here comes the first Result of the work.

Included in this somehow special Set are 11 Color “Tubes” (RGB Brushes) and Black, White and Greytones. This Tube Brushes are fun to use but without additional Tools they are more or less useless, so i included Tools to play with my funny color tubes

You have no real Brushes to paint in this set, but Rakes, a knife and other Smudge tools to model the color. When you smudge and mix the colors you get fantastic Pastell Tones. Just try it out its great fun. And if you want to do some exercise in Painting try to use only this set and model the colors to get your shapes.



Gimp PresetsAdditional Infos:


  • The Brushes are made with Gimp 2.8.4;  All Presets/BrushTips and Dynamics are made by me. There is nothing modified or copied from other Sets in it.
  • The Brushes are made for the use with a pressure sensitiv device (Graphic Tablet). You can use them with a mouse – but with a tablet its more fun^^
  • You have to copy all files to the appropriate folders of your gimp installation. The zipped files are in the correct folder structure so you may just copy all files into the presets folder and they should go to the right places…


The Set in Numbers:


  • 29 Brushtips
  • 9 Dynamics
  • 27 Tool-Presets






Download (Dropbox)

Download (DeviantArt)



Gimp Brushes


Free for personal and commerical use.


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