Gimp Texture Box


Gimp Texturebox Brush Set


This is a simple Set of Brushes with one intention – refining your work with Textures. The Set contains a lot of Brushes that also could be found in the Gimp BrushBox and some new/unused brushes.

But there is a big difference – all brushes in this pack have a spacing of 50, what is much better if you want to apply just basic textures without specific brushsettings. Other Advantages are that brushes with a big spacing have a good performance, even if they are very large and they are good to control.

So this Set is not meant as a standalone used Brushset, but as an addition to any other brushes. The tool-presets and dynamics are pretty simple and basically. They are mostly saved without a specific brush – the usage is more like: choose a preset to get the wanted effect/dynamic and combine it with any brush.



The Set in Numbers:TextureBox Presets

  • 162 Brushes
  • 10 Dynamics
  • 18 Toolpresets

Made with Gimp 2.8.4

Installation Instructions could be found in the download.



Download (Dropbox)

Download (Deviant Art)



Texture Box Brushes






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