Gimp Painter 2.8

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I wanted to draw your Attention to a great Extension for Gimp that is maybe known from Gimp 2.6 – Gimp Painter. This Extension is now avaible for Gimp 2.8 with Builds for Linux/Windows (32-/64bit). I have tested the 64bit Linux (ubuntu) build and it works really fine (some small bugs, but nothing annoying). The major features are improvements to the UI, the Use of textures with Brushes and the integrated Brush Engine/Brushes from MyPaint (what is really a great Addition for everyone who likes to use Gimp for Painting..).

There is a relative new Group on G+ where you can download the builds an learn more about the project.

Link to the G+ Site:  Gimp-painter-2.8 Users



Key Features of Gimp Painter 2.8


One Comment

  1. Hi,

    Thank you Vasco for sharing this information. I really like this Gimp Painter’s UI and wish it was adopted by the Gimp developers.

    Happy new year 2014.


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