The Gimp BrushBox v2.1 (Update)

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i have moved my website to a new host with my own domain:

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The new page is much faster and adfree! A lot of old content
from this site has been updated and rewritten. This wordpress blog,
will remain online, until the traffic has dropped to a low level.

Gimp BrushBox


I have released a minor update to the Gimp BrushBox Set cause i have seen some issues with the Eraser and Smudge Presets. Some of these tools looked messy on a small canvas so i fixed that and made them look a bit smoother. Additionally i had some ideas for new Presets/Brushes that i added to the Set. (Foremost FX Brushes)


Download (Dropbox)

Download (DeviantArt)



Changes v2.1


Changed Brushes:


  • soft Eraser (no more incremental)
  • smudge Hard (lowered spacing)
  • smudge Rake Basic (lowered spacing)
  • smudge Bristle Wet/Dry (lowered spacing)

Additional Brushes:


  • smudge Soft Fuzzy
  • pencils Dynamic Cross Shader
  • fx Smoothed Glow Liner
  • fx Bokeh (Addition)
  • fx Bubbles
  • fx Edged 01/Edged 02
  • fx Gradient Color Mix
  • fx Stars (Addition)
  • fx Tube 03
  • fx Tube 04
  • fx Tube Fade
  • fx Zipper 01-03




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