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The modular Brushset is the Result of my journey through the possibilties of Kritas Brushengine. In the Beginning it was not my intention to make a complete Brushset for Krita, but with more and more Presets summing up on my Harddisc i had to sort out the best of them and optimize the settings. By that time it was kind of logical to bring all the stuff together and prepare it for a releasable Set of Brushes.


What is meant by Modular?


The amount of Presets that have found their way into this set is really huge – actually over 150 different Presets of a wide spectrum of categories and Brushtypes. The most people will never need this amount of Brushes for day-to-day business. Additionally everyone has different preferences and needs. Therefor i sorted and named the Set in a way that should provide an easy way to install and uninstall parts of it without searching a lot. If you look at the image above you have an idea of what i am talking about^^


Naming Convention and Sorting


I have used prefixes to organize the Set. I know that this does not follow the standards Krita is aiming for.. but i personally did not want to miss this feature and decided not to change this for the public version. The Icons i used for the Brushpreviews follow the standards of Krita that could be found here: Krita/Brushes Preset Preview






With Krita 2.8 you are able to sort the Brushes like it is shown on the image below. In Krita 2.7 this is unfortunately not possible (afaik). The advantage of the Prefixes and this kind of sorting is that you can display any subcategory alone or in conjunction with any other (sub-)categories. With the Chart above you can easily figure out which code to type to view a specific subcategory. The Filenames (.kpp preset files) are identical to the Brushnames with the difference that the spaces are replaced by underlines.


Sorting Brushes in KritaInstallation:


    1. Remove older Versions of the Modular Brushset before installing V4.
    2. Copy the resource folders:
      • /modular_brushset_V4
      • /EXTRA/ [optional]
      • /brushes/
      • /paintoppreset/
      • BrushSetSheet.png

      into your user directory of Krita.

      • /PATH_to_your_USER_DIR
      • /EXTRA/ [optional]
      • /brushes/
      • /paintoppreset/

Eventually merge (copy-into) existing folders from other brushsets.


Default installation path of the Krita USER folder:

Linux: /home/username/.kde4/share/apps/krita/
Windows: Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\krita\share\apps\krita\




Modular Brushset V1


Actual Version:

Modular Brushset V4



Compatibility and Performance

I have tested all Brushes on Windows 7 with Krita 2.7xx and on Linux with Krita 2.8xx. On both versions all works and looks as it should. I have tried to find the best adjustments between performance and quality, but some brushes do not perform very well on win7 (krita 2.7), e.g. the Mixbrushes. Most Presets could be upsized, without too much lag, if you do not exaggerate it.



The Presets

All Presets from the simplest Inkbrush to fine adjusted Hairbrushes are handmade with love 😀 But i cannot reinvent the wheel.. so some Presets are very close to what you find as default in Krita. They are not better and hopefully not worse – they are just optimized for my settings and preferences. The following descriptions will give you an overview of the categories and presets.



00 – TOOLS



00A – Erasers (Hard/Soft/Very Soft)

00B – Deform Tools (Move/Grow/Shrink); Blanko Filter (HSV/HSL-Adjustment) Brush; Clone & Fixed Clone

00C – Modes (Addition/Colorize/Overlay/Burn/Dodge/) + Addtion-Light-FX


11  – BASIC




11A – Most common used Brushes like soft Airbrush, Fill etc..

11B – Details (Ink, Basic Pencil/Grain, Basic Paintbrushes)

11C – Markers (Wet, Dry, Flat)

11D – Smudge (Basic Smudge/Blend and Rake Tools)



22 – PAINT




22A – Pencil, Charcoal, Crayons, Pastels

22B – Paintbrushes

22C – Hairbrushes



33 – MIX




33A – Wet Paintbrushes

33B – Wet Textured Brushes







44A – Blendtools

44B – Rakes (Smudge/Blend)

44C – Textured Smudgetools

44D – Shapes with Smudge/Blending Settings (Fibers, Square, Spike, Points)








55A – Shapes mostly Spraybrushes

55B – Textures (Grain, Diffuse, Crosshatch, Foliage, Cloudy)

55C – Patterns (Basic Pattern Brush -> Change the Pattern to be used; Patternbrushes with Modes: Multiply/Bumpmap/Overlay; Adjusted Halftone Patterns)

55D – Grids (just Basic Grids – nothing Special..)




66 – TYPES




66A – Sketchbrushes

66B – Curve

66C – Particles








77A – Color (Gradient Presets, FG-to-BG, Spraybrushes with Sample Input Layer Mode activated see Note below; Patterncolor-Brushes)

77B – Perspective (use these Presets in Conjunction with a Perspective Assistent!)

Sample Input Layer: This Presets remember the Layer that is active in the moment you activate the Preset. When you then paint on another Layer it will use the color of the “remembered” Layer together with the predefined Shape of the Spraybrush. This Setting can also be activated for all Grid Brushes.



If you have Problems with the Brushset or want to give Feedback, feel free to Contact me or leave a Comment.


Happy Painting 🙂





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