Customizing Krita Brushes – Tricks and Traps

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I have recognized that there is some confusion about the technical Aspects of customizing Brushes in Krita. Here is an Overview of what i have learned from the creation of the Modular Brushset


Brushnames vs Filenames

  • Brushnames are saved as Metadata in the .kpp Files
  • If you create a new Brush, the Brushname and the Filename are identical
  • You CAN rename the .kpp File – This will NOT change the Brushname as it is saved to the Metadata!
  • If Krita finds 2 .kpp files with the same Metadata (Brushname) it assigns a new Brushname to avoid duplicates with this Namepattern: Brushname(Filename.kpp)
  • If you overwrite a Brush inside Krita, a new File will be created with a random 6 Digit code at the end to avoid duplicate Filenames: It will look like BrushnameZV5570.kpp are anything similar. The original File is kept in the folder for the Presets but Krita will not load it. Why? Because Krita has written the Original Brush into the Blacklist (kis_paintoppresets.blacklist). Files in the Blacklist are not loaded! When you Cleanup your Ressources (Menu – Edit – Ressources – Cleanup removed Files…) the “overwritten” Brushfile will be deleted and removed from the Blacklist. Now it is “free” again.
  • You CANNOT have two Brushpresets with the same Brushname (metadata)
  • You CAN organize the files in subfolders and krita will load them. But if there are duplicates with the same metadata in it, the files in the subfolders will not be loaded. I personally would not recommend to do this, although i guess that this will not cause serious problems it might lead to confusion – filename + brushname + blacklist + files in subfolder = Confusion 😀 – so you may trap yourself with this…
  • Tags and Blacklist do not use the metadata to identify the ressource files – they use the filenames. You can manipulate this files or even delete them without causing serious problems, but be careful – you might trap yourself^^
  • You CAN organize your presets by moving the .kpp files to another location. You will not loose the tags doing this, but you will loose the tags if you rename the files!



How to change the Brushicons in a fast way

  • Bookmark the paintoppresets folder
  • Open krita – open document – paintoppresets
  • Load the .kpp to be changed
  • Drag and drop prepared images as new layers
  • Save – Save them back to the loaded kpp file
  • Close! You can’t change the image again and save it to another .kpp file. Doing it will also overwrite the metadata of the file with the data from the file you loaded.
  • You can change the image as often as you want or need to – this will not harm the additional stored informations in the .kpp file.

Funnily i just discovered that yesterday Luca Gabbrielli posted a youtube video with the Topic: How to create brushes in Krita with your personal icon There you get a visual explanation in Addition.

Link to the KDE-Wiki with Brushicon Standards and Template Files: Krita/Brushes Preset Preview

I have packaged the Files i have used for the Modular Brushset. You can use these for whatever you want. There are a lot of modified Templates in this package. Also there are the Default Templates from the above Linked Kde-Wiki and modified Icons from the Default Iconset by interactivemania ( All Files are ready for easy Drag-and-Drop.



Brushcreation Package


If you have read this carefully you should know everthing needed to customize and organize the ressource files.






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