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I am happy to present version 2.0 of the Modular Brushset. I have done a lot of small improvements and i can say that i am really satisfied with the result.


Let’s see what has changed..


  • Added a bit pressure-size adjustment to some presets
  • All icons have been adjusted to be more eye (and gui) friendly
  • The amount of presets has been focused on a more essential selection
  • The sorting and the naming of the presets have been changed
  • Version 2 is coming in 2 editions..



Naming Convention and Sorting


I have useModularV2Sortingd prefixes to organize the Set similar to v1.0, but with a different prefix structure:  Every preset is now starting with X. The reason for this decision is that i want my Brushset to appear after the defaults… Another difference is the last letter – this is for “internal” sorting, so you do not have to care about…

The Icons i used for the Brushpreviews follow the standards of Krita that could be found here: Krita/Brushes Preset Preview





With Krita 2.8  you are able to sort the Brushes like it is shown on the image to the above. In Krita 2.7 this is unfortunately not possible (afaik). The advantage of the Prefixes and this kind of sorting is that you can display any subcategory alone or in conjunction with any other (sub-)categories. With the Chart below you can easily figure out which code to type to view a specific subcategory. The Filenames (.kpp preset files) are identical to the Brushnames with the difference that the spaces are replaced by underlines.







    1. Remove older Versions of the Modular Brushset before installing V2.
    2. Copy the resource folders:
      • /modular_brushset_V2
      • /brushes/
      • /paintoppreset/
      • BrushSetSheet.png

      into your user directory of Krita.

      • /PATH_to_your_USER_DIR
      • /brushes/
      • /paintoppreset/

Eventually merge (copy-into) existing folders from other brushsets or previous versions


Default installation path of the Krita USER folder:

Linux: /home/username/.kde4/share/apps/krita/
Windows: Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\krita\share\apps\krita\




Modular Brushset V2


Old Versions:

Modular Brushset V1



The Presets and the Changes in v2.0


In this section i will describe some (not all) details about the presets and the changes made in version 2.0.




Mode BrushesPattern Brushes


The Color Dodge and Burn Presets have been removed as i rarely used this modes with brushes. (imo layers do a better job..)


All Presets that use a the option: Colorsource – Pattern are now in the Tools category. The red symbol indicates that the brush could be adjusted easily. In this case this could be done via the pattern docker. The first preset on the image is a kind of multipurpose brush.. take a look at the advanced settings in the brush window and try out different settings (e.g. checking the rotation sensor) you will see that you can easily apply a wide spectrum of brush effects combined with patterns. The the core settings of this brush are made with this in mind… Also you may check the use of this brush with other brushtip-shapes.



Sample Input Layer: This Presets remember the Layer that is active in the moment you activate the Preset. When you then paint on another Layer it will use the color of the “remembered” Layer together with the predefined Shape of the Spraybrush. This Setting can also be activated for all Grid Brushes.



Basic Brushes


I have reworked this section to be more intuitive in the way it is sorted to make it easier finding the right brush to be used. In a category called “Basic” this is the most important thing… Marker, Block and Fill Brushes are found together now. Additionally some of this Presets are now directional following the stroke Angel. The paint roller icon indicates this type of brushsetting.



1C – Details:  All this Brushes have one thing in common – Size matters. Mostly of Tiny to Medium Size these ones are meant for adding Details to the Painting. The Triangular Icon indicates a fine adjusted pressure-size curve e.g. for short repeated strokes or adding dark wrinkles on a material.


Smudge Tools

1D – Smudging:  In v1.0 there was a complete category with all smudge presets. After working with this tools i realized that the amount of this tools was an overkill… Reducing the number of this presets was necessary and important. Additionally this tools have been sorted based on the usage: basic modelling of colors and working with more complex or diffuse shapes and textures.





PastelsIn the paint category you can think of two divisions – the Grainy Presets and the fibroid/hairy presets. Actually i prefer to think in textures, rather than what tools are simulated not what it simulates.


CharcoalI have changed some of this presets giving them a bit of a size-pressure sensitivity to increase the general usage. A bit means – just enough to recognize a rapid stroke ending resulting in decreasing size and not a “dead” end…


Hairy Brushes




Presets simulating fine hairy or bristle like tools – i haven’t changed a lot in this (sub) category.. one preset got the stroke direction sensor, some are removed. Same with the Mixing and Smearing Presets (no image). No big changes – just removed some, with minor usage.




3 – SHAPESSpraybrushes



This category has been resorted:

  • 3A Sprayed Shapes
  • 3B Pixelbrushes with special Shapes
  • 3C Texturebrushes
  • 3D Smudged Shapes and Textures



All in all there are no big changes in this category – two new Preset: Single Leaf Pixelbrush and Rough Texturebrush… Most important is that all Brushes meant to be used for Texturing or applying predefined Shapes are now together including the textured Smudge Tools.





4 – TYPES (Sketch, Curve, Particle)



The only change in this category that covers 3 special Types of Brushes, is one removed Sketch Preset as i just don’t liked it anymore 😀


Happy Painting 🙂