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Modular Brushset V4Every tool carries with it the spirit by which it has been created.

– Werner Karl Heisenberg




More than the previous versions of this set, this is the collection of tools, I personally prefer and tweaked to my own needs, and not what i considered to be needed in general. That is why it is not something one may call complete and it was never meant as an replacement for the tools that ship with Krita.

One thing i believe in is that higher specialized tools reduce creative processes. On the other hand the spectrum of possible tools in traditional Art creation, is as wide as the imagination can go – endless. Hence that, we must find a balance, giving the best tools to bring imagination to the canvas, without limiting creativity by a dictation of the Tools we use. V4 of my Brushset is the version, that comes closest to this, from my own viewpoint.


 Digital and Traditional


The two main categories in this Set are “Digital” and “Traditional”, where traditional is meant as simulation of traditional art tools. When starting a new painting, i am asking myself what i need to accomplish my vision and I tend to think in this two dimensions.


Grunge Presets

Grunge Preset with Overlay Mode

The Changes in Short:

  • The “Tools” and the “Types” Category are now integrated into 3 big ones
  • Removed Presets with high similarity to the default ones
  • Reduced the Number of highly specialized Presets
  • Included “Krita Watercolor Set v1.0”
  • Support for Tilt Sensitive Tablets (23 Presets)
  • Completely reworked Brushpreviews
  • Adjusted for Krita 2.8
  • Improved Traditional Media Brushes
  • Increased Amount of Autobrushes (giving more Flexibility)


sortingNaming, Prefixes and Sorting

I have used the same prefixes, to organize the Set, like in v3.0 with some small changes.

In Krita 2.8 the possibilities to create tags and to use them for sorting are highly improved, compared to v 2.7. Honestly there is not really a need of prefixes to sort presets, but i stayed with this system, because it is simpler for me and there is no real reason not to do so. It also gives some advantages that are not possible without prefixes..


The advantage of the Prefixes and this kind of sorting is that you can display any subcategory alone or in conjunction with any other (sub-)categories. With the “Brushset-Sheet” (included in the download) you can easily figure out which code to type, to view a specific subcategory.

The whole Set is seperated in 3 Main Categories. The choice is made by workflow and style differences. All categories as well as presetnames were chosen, with the idea that they are easy to remember and give a good “feeling”, what tools we have in our reach and in our mind…

The Filenames (.kpp preset files) are identical to the Brushnames with the difference that the spaces are replaced by underlines.


Preview Scheme

All Presets with purple Strokes are set to Dulling Mode with Color Rate activated. Blue Strokes indicate Smudge Presets without Color mixing and have additionally a drop for dulling or a swirl symbol for smearing in the top left corner.


Some Terms that i use for preset-names in a more or less strictly way:

  • Smeary = Smearing + Colorrate
  • Smudge = Smearing without Colorrate
  • Wet = Dulling + Colorrate
  • Blend = Dulling without Colorrate
  • Chalk = Textured Strokes




    1. Remove older Versions of the Modular Brushset before installing V4.
    2. Copy the resource folders:
      • /modular_brushset_V4
      • /EXTRA/ [optional]
      • /brushes/
      • /paintoppreset/
      • BrushSetSheet.png

      into your user directory of Krita.

      • /PATH_to_your_USER_DIR
      • /EXTRA/ [optional]
      • /brushes/
      • /paintoppreset/

Eventually merge (copy-into) existing folders from other brushsets or previous versions

The EXTRA folder contains Presets for showing categroy Numbers (1,2,3) and in case you downloaded the Standard Tilt-Sensor Version you additionally find Presets there, that are adjusted for Tablets without a Tilt Sensor (or for users that prefer not to use Tilt).

Default installation path of the Krita USER folder:

Linux: /home/username/.kde4/share/apps/krita/
Windows: Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\krita\share\apps\krita\



Brush Set Sheet V4Download

Modular Brushset V4


Old Versions:

Modular Brushset V3

Modular Brushset V2

Modular Brushset V1




The Changes in Detail





 A/B Tools (Eraser/FX)Digital Tools

This was a bigger Category in older versions. I have deleted a lot of Presets, that i have rarely used or that were already in some sort included in the defaults.



C BasicDigital Basic

Yeah some things have changed here, but generally this is just basic Stuff…



D Textured (Chalk)Digital Chalk

These presets all use a pattern to give the strokes a textured look. There are slight differences in the strokes and the dynamics between these presets.



E BlendDigital Blend

Tools to blend Colors in different ways. All Presets with purple Strokes are set to Dulling Mode with Color Rate activated. Blue Strokes indicate Smudge Presets without Color mixing and have additionally a drop for dulling or a swirl symbol for smearing in the top left corner.





A Pencils/CharcoalTraditional Pencils

I have spent much time on the pencils, to make them as close to real media as possible. There is surely always a limit and a choice between ease of use and realism…



B MarkerTraditional Markers

Some of these Preset were in the basic category before. I thought, that it is better to handle them like simulated traditional media. I have additionally added two multiply presets with buildup painting mode.



C Dry BrushesTraditional Dry Brushes

I tried to improve the visual stroke quality of these Presets. They should have a smoother stroke now. The Brushes of this Category have mostly a medium Flow. For some Presets in this set the flow is precisely chosen to give the brush a specific feel. For the “Dry Brushes” the Flow is not meant to be a static value. It should be varied, to visually represent how much color you apply to your brush.



D Wet BrushesTraditional Wet Brushes

All presets of this category are using the smudge mode dulling. I have sorted out some old presets, that i rarely used and added some new ones, that fit better to the idea of simulated traditional media.



E/G Watercolors/Textures (Stains)Traditional Watercolors

This ones are maybe known from my “Krita Watercolor Set“, that is now fully integrated into the Modular Brushset. I have only made small changes to 3 of these Presets, that used a high scatter rate. The scatter is now controlled by the tilt sensor (in the Standard Version of the Set).



F SmudgeTraditional Smudge

This tools are mostly known from previous versions. The Rakes got a bit lower spacing to increase the visual quality – what might cause performance issues on slower systems.



H Hairy BrushesTraditional Hairy Brushes

I have deleted some presets, that were very close to what was added to the defaults a while ago and replaced them with some new ones.





Speedpainting is not the term that describes this Category very well, but it gives a good feeling of what you may find here and also it´s a term that fits well to bundle a broad variety of brushes. The most important criterium for my selection of brushes in this Category was a high diversity in their usage.


A EnvironmentSpeedpainting Environment

More than it is with other Brushpreviews, the Icons in this category were made, to give you an idea of what you can do with them. Surely the preview as well as the names are only examples and not limitations.


B FoliageSpeedpainting Foliage

Only a few of the brushes in this category were originally created by myself (speaking of the brushimage and not the dynamics…). There are two Presets originally created by Sam Hutchinson and some others from the “Essential Illustration Brushes V3 Extended” by Matthew M.Laskowski. From all the brushsets that i used, these ones were my favorite foliage brushes and the authors are so nice, to offer them for redistributing and remixing with other Sets. The Brushes could be used in a wide variety, because their shapes are not too specific.

One note to the first preset in the category – “Branches”: You will see that this Preset has a pressure-opacity gap. This is made for precise placing of the brush-shape. So you can touch the surface with the pen and with the help of the brushoutline feature (new in 2.8), you are able to precisely stamp the brush with size and rotation as you want it.


C ShapesSpeedpainting Shapes

Search and find the shape you need – this category is mostly about creative Freedom…



I wish you a lot of fun with the new painting tools! 🙂


Modular Brushset V4 by Vasco Alexander Basque´ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



Patterns by Enrico Guarnieri, aka Ico-dY
Released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
Applies for the following Patterns:

– Interference
– Paliasse
– ScratchedCanvas
– SoftSponge
– Disclosure
– SpiderHome
– ToxicForest
– RicePaper


Some Brushes are taken from the “Essential Illustration Brushes V3 Exteneded” by Matthew M. Laskowski

Applies for the following Brushes/.gbr files:


Also included are 2 Brushes by Sam Hutchison
Released under Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

Applies for the following Brushes/.gbr files:



Note: All Icons used are modified by me.

The Originals are taken from the following Sources:

“Mypaint V6 Brushpack” by David Revoy
This brush kit is released in public domain/CC-0

Official Brush Previews/Icons
Released under Creative Commons License SA 3.0

“Inking brushes 1.2” by Wolthera van Hövell tot Westerflier
Released under CC-0 License


Many thanks to the Authors making their Ressources available for free useage!

Accumulated Files

Some accumulated Files in the Modular Brushset V4 Project Folder


  1. Hi Vasco

    I have downloaded your Modular brushes V.4 and as far i am concerned, this is just well done. I can see you spent lot of time organizing the brushes into categories and it all works well.

    I have deleted the default brushes inside krita and installed only yours (I like icons organized and the default icons were just a mess and lot of brushes there were very similar…)

    Thank you for taking your time doing this for us.


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