Krita Watercolor Set v1.0

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Krita Watercolor Set v1.0

Making this Set of Brushes for Digital Painting with the touch of simulated watercolors was a challenge i set for myself. In my eyes watercolors are one of the most difficult disciplines to learn in traditional painting. Making tools that simulate this dynamics is as difficult.

I am not very experienced in aquarelle painting, therefor it is hard to say how good this tools do their job. I have done research, compared it with other brushsets (e.g in mypaint and corel painter), scanned images of watercolor, looked at watercolor paintings  from traditional masters – so i can say i have done my homework and did the best i can, to create a nice brushset. Feedback is always welcome.

The basic idea behind the presets is to simulate and control the diffusion of water by pressure with scatter and rotation settings combined with opacity and colorchange-rate. More pressure – more scatter less opacity – this is the basic formula. All brushes are set to a relative low size ~30-100 pixels, but from my testing i can say that all work and look good in a range of 50%-200% of the base.


The Toolicons i used for this set are taken from David Revoy’s Mypaint V6 Brushpack. I like the icons of his brushset and i think that they fit very well into Krita.


 Further considerations:
  • A bigger size of the brushes used on a large canvas may improve the look, but could be problematic on the performance side
  • It is a work that is complete in itself, although some presets are maybe interesting for a wider more general usage – your decision…
  • Activating the size Sensor of the large Texture Brush turns it into a textured Airbrush
  • All Presets are adjusted with the colorchange Rate turned on. Turn it off for pure water…
  • Using a Canvas texture on a top layer set to overlay in low opacity improves the feeling of painting with traditional media
  • See this set as an experimental tool or a base to build on


I have made this set primary for Krita 2.8+ There is an important difference in the brush dynamics (scatter setting) between version 2.8 and 2.7. Therefor i made an extra set of adjusted presets for version 2.7 that is included in the zip file. It works and it looks okay… but the Set is better to use with the version i made it for.


Download (Dropbox)

Download (Deviant Art)

I wish you a Merry X-mas and have fun with the new painting tools!


To the extent possible under law, Vasco Basqué has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Krita Watercolor Set.
This work is published from:Germany.